fox racket

You have come to this blog for some stimulation and with that in mind I urge you to take my bloggings very seriously and not seriously at all. That way I believe you will get all you need from your excursions here. So, without further ado, let us begin…………

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Peter, how are you. This is Tahir from London. We had coaching for a few years in Pimlico. Hows life in KL.

    Love you wise words and will comment on them soon.

    Just to say as a consultant vascular surgeon and senior lecturer at imperial college, the highlight of my week was our coaching sessions. Cant get any one close to you now in london and really miss it. I am still playing but getting older and slower. However I love the game and still play leagues and bath cup.

    AM so glad I found this site. Tahir

    • Hello Tahir,
      Good to hear from you. The sessions we had in London were a highlight of my week too, glad to hear you are still playing. All is well here in KL. I look forward to your comments, I will be blogging again soon after an extended break. Until then, all the best. Peter

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