It seems nowadays everyone is trying their best to stick to ‘the process’ but are we thinking about why?

The ‘process’ as I interpret it is reducing the overall goal into a smaller and more manageable chunks so in the critical moment we are not overwhelmed by the enormity of what is trying to be achieved. To win a few points.

To consider the bigger picture and what it means seems to bring additional stress and anxiety which can scupper optimum performance.

The ‘process’ is just another method of distraction, a magician’s cape, a subtle trick of the mind to allow us to perform tasks we know we can do and have done thousands of time before.

The interesting question (perhaps?) is why thinking specifically brings about this state of trepidation and is there an alternative method to the process?

Because being first seems the only acceptable human condition. If we ascribe to societal demands then this process may be the freshest and most fruitful distraction to ensure a meaningful life.

It is a solely human trait to want to give our existence meaning and is sometimes not easy to justify the meaning we assign to our lives. Without meaning life soon becomes aimless. But could our aims be disingenuous? Could this be the beginning of the process? Is this its starting point?

Surely then the desire and motivation to succeed through the ‘process’ may be coming from a dark corner of thought. Is this an extension of Freud’s notion to ‘ego-build’ to find a more hospitable place on the planet?

I don’t know.

But I do think the ‘process’ comes across as a little untrustworthy, and I would call on those using this method to try to come from a potentially more wholesome direction. Accepting that the demands laid upon us are illusions may give you the freedom to win the final few rallies unencumbered by fear. We may even learn that we are not the centre of the universe.

In fact you may not even know the match is over when its finished.

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